Day 365 – Full Circle!!

Well, here we are on my final post for my last photograph in Project 365!

A year ago I started this photo journal and Project 365 with a photo of my brother Alan, my Mum and my man Paul at Alan’s new home on the day he moved into it.

So, to bring my Project 365 full circle, today we went back to Alan’s home where I have taken a photograph of Alan with Paul and this time with my 101 year old Auntie Lucy so I could take this photograph to end the Project.

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

Alan, Auntie Lucy and Paul are holding the numbers 365 to represent the 365th photo in my Project 365.  I’m thinking now, on seeing the photo on my computer, that perhaps I should have had them hold the numbers closer together, but at least, it is still symbolic for this last pic for my Project!!

What will I do tomorrow?  No photo to take!!  😉   It might be good to have a little rest from taking photographs especially as in reality I have taken many many more than the 365 photos included in this photo journal.

I have enjoyed doing Project 365 although sometimes it has been a little difficult to find something to take a photo of.  I hope most of the pics I show here are fairly interesting and perhaps I will take some time perfecting my photography so I can give Project 365 another go some day!!

I have made some new friends along the way because of doing this Project, so that in itself has made it worth doing.  I think some of my photos have turned out well, so I can maybe give myself a little pat on the back for those.  I have become very interested in nature photography, especially birds, flowers and clouds, so maybe I will go out and take more photos of those, just because …  🙂

Thanks go to my family and friends who have appeared in some of these photos.  I know sometimes they didn’t always feel like having the camera pointed at them so I could take a photo for those particular days.  They have all been very patient with me and supported me with this which I do appreciate very much.

Even Pippin and Demelza would see the camera and just know that I wanted to take their pic.  They were both very good and let me take oh so many photographs of them.  🙂

I shall now sit back and maybe browse through my photo journal and just enjoy my photographs and hope those of you looking at this will enjoy browsing through them too.

Until my next Project 365 …   🙂

Digital graphic made by me - copyright 2012


Day 364 – Not Ready Yet!!


When I first started my Project 365 and was preparing this photo journal to add all the photos, I spent a day getting the banner ready for it which I think was then my Day 2 or Day 3 (so long ago I can’t remember now without looking it up  🙂  ).

Today, I have been working on making something I want to include in my last photo tomorrow for Day 365 and so have taken a photograph of the bits and pieces I am using today for this.

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

I haven’t quite finished what I am working on for it to be included in tomorrow’s photograph, so am now racing against time to get it done!!

I can’t quite believe that I now only have one more photo to take to bring my Project 365 to an end tomorrow.  🙂


Day 363 – Mackerel Sky


I was wondering what photograph I should take today but on looking out the window and seeing how lovely and blue the sky was with this mackerel effect I knew I should take pics of this!  🙂

Since doing Project 365 I have become interested more in the clouds in the sky as sometimes they are just lovely to photograph and I’m pretty sure I haven’t yet taken a photo of a mackerel sky.  Now I have!!

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

The sky was the most beautiful blue today and the sun was shining when I took this but this afternoon has turned dull and bitterly cold.

You can see a little bit of our very large Rhododendron shrub reaching up to the sky.  It’s covered in buds and usually blooms in May so I probably will take a pic of that with it’s lovely mauve blossoms against a beautiful blue sky then, but sadly my Project 365 is over in a couple of days so it won’t be seen in this photo journal.

Shall I start another Project 365???   Ooooooh, I’ve got to have a loooooong think about that!!!   🙂


Day 362 – Torn and Battered!


Since we have had Auntie Lucy staying with us and also because of Paul’s operation for an artificial knee  and the fact he is still recovering from it, we are occasionally having our shopping delivered from a local supermarket.

Unfortunately this time, we found this and other frozen items a little torn and battered!!

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

In fact nine of the frozen items were like this and very battered and even a couple of them were squashed somewhat!!

We have had to reseal them before putting them in the freezer but are a little concerned that they might have been damaged before they were packed for our order!!

I sent an email to the supermarket to let them know we weren’t too happy about so many damaged items and the worry about when they might have been damaged.  I took this pic and some others in case they wanted some evidence after receiving our complaint.

As it has turned out, they have dealt with this very quickly by giving us an evoucher for a certain amount as “goodwill” and they want to know whether we want another evoucher for a refund of the cost of all the frozen items or to have it paid onto our card.  They have not asked to see this or the other photos I have taken and have told us that they will investigate where our order was packed further!!

We’re just disappointed that this has happened and hope the food will be safe to eat.


Day 361 – Courtesy Car

In the year and a half or so since we have had our particular car, a Kia Hatchback something or other, there has been a little recurring problem with it.

When it gets to a certain speed (nothing too high) it starts to judder so the first time it happened Paul took it to be fixed and the mechanics had no idea what the problem was but fixed it anyway!!!  (Fixed, really)???

Everything was ok for a while, and then it started to happen again.  Again it went back to the mechanics to put right and this time they said it was a known fault, something to do with the computer workings!  (This worried me a bit as I thought maybe if the computer doesn’t work right, is it going to break down when using something important like the brakes or something)!!

We were told it was fixed.  But recently it has happened again so today, Paul took it back yet again to be fixed and because they might be keeping the car all day, they have given us a courtesy car, so I thought as a record of what was going on today, I should take a photo of it!!

Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

While it’s is a nice little car, we are supposed to be given any courtesy car on a par with our own one because of my disabilites and being able to get in and out of it and ride in it etc..  This is much much smaller and all I can say is that it is a good job that I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today!!

A little after I took this photo we received a call that the car was ready.  So Paul went off to get it and when he returned he said they told him it was all fixed, but while driving it back, the problem still remains plus another new one!!

The new problem is that the petrol guage needle moves back and forth now while driving so you don’t actually know how much petrol you have in the tank if you really needed to know!!   So, now we have to phone them and get them to fix two problems!!!!!


Day 360 – So Early!


This is another of my flower photographs but I thought I should take  a pic of it as it is so early, certainly in my part of the world.

I hadn’t noticed it before but realise it must have been out several days already, as it was one of only two flowers out on a shrub that is absolutely covered in masses of buds so is going to look wonderful when it is supposed to be flowering!!


Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

This Camellia shrub is usually flowering at any time between March and May, depending on what weather we have had, so to see it actually start to flower in January is amazing.  It is very cold, so it can’t be because we are having a mild winter!!

From the look of the flower it has probably been blooming for several days but there is only one other flower out at the moment on this shrub.  It’s really going to look wonderful when it all blooms, I don’t think I’ve seen quite so many buds on it before.

I wonder what happened to make two of the buds so much more advanced than all the others?


Day 359 – Camouflage!


I am finding as I come towards the end of my Project 365 that I am enjoying taking photos of particular things like clouds, flowers and birds although sometimes I don’t think they are great photographs!!

Consequently there have been a fair few of each of those things in the 300 + posts I have done in this photo journal.

Here is another!!  🙂


Original photograph taken by me - copyright 2012

This is, I think,  a female Chaffinch and she was just hopping about in this bare shrub so I took her photograph.

It wasn’t until I uploaded it to the computer and looked at it that I realised she is the same colour as the branches of this Lilac Tree (we call it a tree but it is a very big shrub), so she is well camouflaged!!  She’s just so cute.  🙂

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